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Dates for CHARINDAA’s “Sensational Sonu Nigaam Tour of Australia, 2008

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Ticket FAQ

How much do tickets cost?
Ticket prices are:

  • Platinum: $125 (Concs: $115)
  • Diamond: $95 (Concs: $85)
  • Gold: $65 (Concs: $60)
  • Silver: $35 (No Concession Tks)
  • Silver Family (2A + 2C): $105

Note that there are no Platinum Family, Gold Family and Diamond Family tickets.

Where are the tickets available? Tickets will be available through the CHARINDAA website. Follow our website www.charindaa.org (that is CHARINDAA with two A’s in the end) for more details.

Will you have concession tickets?
CHARINDAA will have concession tickets available in some categories of tickets.

Do you have Family Tickets?
Yes, in the Silver Category only. There will be a very limited number of family tickets set aside and the prices for these have been heavily reduced, so get in there early to get your Family tickets.

When do tickets go on sale?
Tickets will go on (pre)sales on the CHARINDAA website on 30 January 2008. Presales will be only available via the CHARINDAA website and in pre-sales, only credit card payments and direct bank transfers will be accepted. More details on www.charindaa.org (that’s CHARINDAA with two a’s in the end). Or send us an email with your email id and we will send you an email as soon as they go on sale.

Will all concerts in the “Sensational Sonu Nigaam Tour” have numbered/reserved seating?
Yes all concerts on the “Rocking Sonu Nigaam Tour” will have numbered/reserved seating. That way, you will not need to arrive to the concert two hours early, stand in a queue and fight to get in to the auditoria to grab the best seats in the house. Your seats are provided on a first-in-best-dressed basis. So ensure that you book your tickets early to get the best seats in the house!

Will you conduct a “pre-sales” campaign for this concert too?
Yes we will conduct a pre-sales campaign for the “Rocking Sonu Nigaam” tour too, just as we did for the “Qantas-SigaramTV A. R. Rahman Tour, 2005” and “FIMA 2006”. In the pre-sales period you will be able to pre-book your tickets in the best spots. We expect that the pre-sale tickets will go on sale from 30 January 2008 to 21 February 2008. In the presales period, you can only book through the CHARINDAA website with your credit card. You can also call CHARINDAA and engage with the pre-sales bookings. You will be provided with a 8% discount on all tickets provided bookings are for groups of 10 or more tickets. In the normal booking period, group discounts will only be available for groups of 25 or more. No FAMILY tickets will be available in the pre-sales period. No Silver tickets will be available in the pre-sales period.

When will tickets go on sale after the pre-sales period?
Tickets will go on sale to the general public on 25 Feb 2008. More details on www.charindaa.org (that’s CHARINDAA with two a’s in the end). Or send us an email with your email id and we will send you an email as soon as we launch the pre-sales campaign.

Why should we pre-order through the pre-sales campaign? Can we not get the tickets when they go on sale?
Yes, you can certainly wait to buy the tickets when they go on sale. But pre-ordering gives you the following benefits: (a)You get the best seats in each category in advance before they get allocated to general public, (b) Group discounts for group purchases of 10 or more tickets are only available in the pre-sales period. (c) In the normal sales period, discounts are only available for groups of 25 or more.

What is the difference between pre-sales and normal/general sales?
In the pre-sales period you will not be allocated your seat numbers. In the pre-sales period, CHARINDAA will collect al pre-sales orders and allocate best seats (according to your seating section preference) and then release the rest of the seats for general sales. You will engage with the pre-sales process if you want the best seats in the venue. Moreover, in the pre-sales, you get group discounts for groups of 10 or more.

What is OAP?
OAP refers to “Old Age Pensioners” and is anyone who has a valid OAP Card.

Who is eligible for concessions?
Only two groups of people are eligible for concessions. (a) Children under 12 and, (b) those who hold a pension card. The cards should be shown upon request at the entrance.

Where do we see the seating plan?
The seating plan for each concert in “The Sensational Sonu Nigaam Tour, 2008” can be viewed at our web site www.CHARINDAA.org as soon as it is ready and as soon as it becomes available. Note that the seating plan will differ, depending on the concert, the venue and the location.

Can I send place as many pre order requests as possible?
Yes, you certainly can. Please also let your friends and relatives know. All you need to do is ring CHARINDAA or visit www.charindaa.org

Are group discounts available?
Yes, a discount of 8% will apply for groups of 10 tickets or more (not including Family tickets) ONLY in the Pre-Sales period. A group discount of 8% will apply for groups of 25 or more in the normal ticketing period. If you are interested in getting together a large group, please contact us at [email protected]

Is every group booking of 10 or more people eligible for concession?
This discount of 8% for a group of 10 or more is ONLY available in the pre-sales period. Since a discount has already been built into the FAMILY ticket prices a FAMILY ticket will not be counted as a ticket to qualify for a discount.

Can we bring young kids/babies?
Yes you certainly can. Children under 3 are admitted free but will not get a seat. You can request for an aisle seat when you make a booking to facilitate exiting easily if needed.

How can I pay for the tickets in the pre-sales period and how can I submit my pre-sales order?
You can pay for your pre-sales tickets by Credit Card. Visit www.charindaa.org

Would I be guaranteed the seats I want in the pre-sales period?
Seats will be allocated on a first-in-best-dressed basis.

Is there an additional fee to the ones you have advertised?
There will be a ticket-mail-out fee. This is for ensuring that tickets reach your residence in a prompt and secure manner. We will mail out tickets to you by registered post. There will be a cost incurred for this depending on the number of tickets. This cost is levied on us by Australia Post.

What happens if the tour gets cancelled? Will I get a refund?
All ticket purchases are covered by our refund policy.

What is CHARINDAA’s Ticket Cancellation Policy?
Tickets, once purchased, are not refundable.