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Dates for CHARINDAA’s “Sensational Sonu Nigaam Tour of Australia, 2008

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PO Box 1494
Glen Waverley
VIC- 3150

0450 118 263
0450 170 639
Fax: 03 95900192
Email: [email protected]

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Sponsors FAQ

What kind of a show is it?
The Concert will feature some of the best Bollywood songs by the undisputed king of Bollywood singing – Sonu Nigaam. It will appeal to a wide cross-section of people of Indian origin.

How can I be a sponsor?
There are a few options available for sponsorship: platinum, diamond, gold and silver. If you require further details on sponsorship, please call or send us an email ([email protected]). We will take your details down and our marketing manager will get back to you.

Are we able to have food stalls?
No. While food stalls are available at the venues, catering in these is to be carried out only by the venue management.