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Dates for CHARINDAA’s “Sensational Sonu Nigaam Tour of Australia, 2008

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Concert FAQ

When and where are the concerts?

  • Friday April 25 2008, 7pm:
    Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre,
    Olympic Boulevard, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
  • Saturday April 26 2008, 7pm
    Melbourne Town Hall
    Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • Sunday April 27 2008, 6pm
    Norwood Concert Hall
    175 The Parade, Norwood, SA

We heard that there are other concerts on this tour too?
Yes, that is true. The “Sensational Sonu Nigaam Tour” will also be presented in Brisbane, Perth and Auckland. These concerts in Brisbane, Perth and Auckland are not being presented by CHARINDAA. These concerts will be ticketed, advertised, presented and promoted separately.

What languages are the concerts in?
The concerts will feature songs that Sonu Nigaam has sung in films. They are all in Hindi. However, we always leave the choice of songs to the artiste. Indian Idol 2007, Prashant Tamang, will sing songs in Hindi.

Why did you chose the artistes that you have?
CHARINDAA always believes in presenting acts that have a strong pan-Indian appeal. After the successful A. R. Rahman Tour, we received many suggestions from patrons on what we should promote next. Several of them suggested that we should conduct a Festival that presents several Indian music genres in the form of a Festival. We conducted a market survey and then developed a portfolio for FIMA 2006.
In 2008, once again we conducted a market survey which indicated that the time is right for the versatile artiste, Sonu Nigaam, to make a re-appearance in Australia. We also added Indian Idol to his cast to appeal to younger audiences.

Will the concerts commence on time?
To the extent possible CHARINDAA will try and commence all concerts on time.

Who else will be singing in these concerts?
Apart from Sonu Nigaam and Prashant Tamang, the concerts will feature Mr Agam Nigaam, Ms Nikeeta Nigaam and Ms Gunjan Singh as singers.

Will there be female singers in the band?
Yes, the female singers will be Ms Nikeeta Nigaam and Ms Gunjan Singh, both extremely competent and professional singers from India.

Will there be a live band playing?
Yes, Sonu Nigaam and his co-singers will be accompanied by a band including some 10 musicians, a mimicry artiste, a light technician, a sound technician and a videographer. As with all CHARINDAA shows, all of these performers and technicians are from India.

Will there be any local musicians performing?
No. All musicians that are performing are a part of Sonu Nigaam’s regular music troupe. This will include drummers, guitarists, flautists, tabla players, synthesizer players, etc. All of these are from India.

Will there be Bollywood dancing too?
Yes, some of the songs will have Bollywood dancers dancing to the numbers.

Are bookings for block seating available?
Yes, call us for more information.

Will there be merchandising sold?
Yes it is very likely that there will be merchandising that will be sold. This will include CDs, program brochures and DVDs. These will be available at the arena. Where will merchandising be sold? In the arena or outside? When during the show? In the arena and in the foyers and will be sold throughout the show.

Are there good parking facilities at the venues?
Parking is available at each of the venues. Please check each venue for parking information. More information will be posted on this website as and when we receive it.

We do not know about CHARINDAA. How can we be sure that any payment we make will be “safe”?
This is a fair point.
CHARINDAA conducted the Qantas-SigaramTV A. R. Rahman Tour of Australia, 2005. Nearly 23,000 people attended this tour across Melbourne and Sydney.
CHARINDAA then conducted FIMA 2006, an exquisite event featuring top classical, ghazal, jazz and fusion artistes. This was an amazing success too with many patrons attending 8 concerts in Sydney and Melbourne.
CHARINDAA has built its reputation as a reliable, quality brand in Indian Event Promotion and Management.
If the “Sensational Sonu Nigaam Tour 2008: does not go ahead, for whatever reason, all monies will be refunded to patrons.

How long are the concerts expected to go on for?
Generally, all concerts on this tour are expected to go for between 3-4 hours.

Are all the artistes going to be physically present?
Most certainly, all artistes in “The Sensational Sonu Nigaam Tour” are going to be here physically. If the “Sensational Sonu Nigaam Tour 2008: does not go ahead, for whatever reason, with all the artistes being physically present, all monies will be refunded to patrons.

I would like to purchase tickets only after ensuring that all artistes are going to be here.
You can wait till the artistes are here before you get your tickets. However, given that seats are numbered and given that all tickets will be sold on a first-in-best-seats basis, you may miss out on the good seats.
Many patrons left it too late for the A. R. Rahman concert tickets (since they wanted to wait to ensure that he was actually going to be here for the concert) and had to miss out on the concert tickets because we sold out several categories of tickets weeks prior to the show!
Please note that, if for any reason, the Tour is cancelled or called off, you will be covered by our refund policies.

Will all the proceeds of this concert go to the named charity?
We expect is to raise a certain sum of funds for our named charity partner. Any amount in excess of that will be carried over to the next event and will go towards our fund-raising efforts for that charity. We wish to remind everyone that CHARINDAA is a not-for-profit organization and that our books are independently audited.