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Dates for CHARINDAA’s “Sensational Sonu Nigaam Tour of Australia, 2008

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Artist FAQ

Who are the performers and support crew in the Sonu Nigaam concert?

  • Sonu Nigaam, the undisputed Baadshah of Bollywood music — Singer
  • Prashant Tamang, Indian Idol 2007 — Singer
  • Mr Agam Nigaam — Singer
  • Ms Nikeeta Nigaam — Singer
  • Ms Gunjan Singh — Singer
  • 10 musicians
  • A mimicry artiste
  • Light technician
  • Sound Technician
  • Videographer
  • Dancers — possibly

Can I request a song to be sung?
Please do so through CHARINDAA. Send an email to [email protected]. We will collect all requests and pass these onto the relevant artistes. From there on in, it is left to the artistes.

My daughter/son can sing Sonu Nigaam songs. Can they be allowed to sing a song at the performance?
The artistic content of our shows will be determined by Sonu Nigaam. Artistes who have been provided with permission to perform by the Musicians Union will be the only ones that perform at CHARINDAA’s concerts. As with all CHARINDAA concerts, we intend to source all of the artistic talent from the company that is producing and arranging this tour.

Can you ensure that the artistes sing certain specific songs?
CHARINDAA respects the artistic freedom of artistes. We will inform artistes (to the extent that is possible and to the extent to which we have audience background data available) of the audience mix. The content of the concert is then left entirely to the artistes.

Will there be any local participation?
No. The entire artistic content will be managed by the visiting artistes and CHARINDAA believes in not influencing it.