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CHARINDAA – An Introduction
Logo and Branding
Event Plans, Audience and Reach
Partnerships with Charities
Not-for-Profit Organisation
Organisational Values
Usage of Name, Fonts and Colours
Privacy Policy

CHARINDAA – An Introduction

“CHARINDAA” is an acronym for “Charities through Indian Arts in Australia”

CHARINDAA is a not-for-profit organisation
that mobilises funds for various charities through the vehicle of promoting Indian Arts Shows.

An Australian incorporated not-for-profit organization, CHARINDAA’s vision is to organize and promote Indian arts and cultural programmes for the benefit of several worthy and deserving charities. It will use the vehicle of Indian Arts promotions in Australia to achieve its aim to raise a total of $1 million over 10 years (commencing January 2005) for assisting and supporting charities.

It is an organisation built on the backbone of the CHARINDAA Team (or C-Team) of volunteers, who assist in promoting and delivering the events. Apart from raising funds for charity, CHARINDAA’s objective is to promote Indian fine arts and cultural traditions – particularly among the younger generation. It also aims to reach a significant audience in Australia that has an interest in Indian Fine Arts.  It strives to accomplish this aim through the performances and events that it organises, supports and promotes.

These promotions will always be conducted professionally and delivered in a timely and appropriate fashion. This will be accomplished through precise planning, effective execution and the efficient and equitable management of resources.

CHARINDAA recognizes that its key stakeholders – patrons, sponsors, partners, artistes, charities and volunteers – are the foundation upon which the organisation is built and through whom its services are provided.

While acknowledging that contributing to charities is a very personal act of philanthropy, CHARINDAA simply provides the vehicle through which this could be achieved by simultaneously arranging an enjoyable Indian concert, play or show.



CHARINDAA’s Strategic Vision is:

“To raise $1m over the next 10 years (commencing January 2005) for the benefit of various named charities by promoting, organising and conducting Indian arts and cultural programmes.”


Logo and Branding

The CHARINDAA logo communicates and conveys a unique blend of India and Australia.
The stylised ethnic scripting suggests a strong Indian flavour and sound organisational roots to the branding of CHARINDAA.
The red and the blue are suggestive of the colours of the Australian flag and are indicative of the fact that our promotional concerts will be held in an Australian context.
The stylised “i” at the centre of “CHARINDAA” suggests an enduring linkage to the Indian content of the concerts and shows that we propose to organise and promote.
However, the emblem of the Southern Cross indicates a dedicated bond/connection between the artistic content of the concerts and shows and the Australian setting for these.


Event Plans, Audience and Reach

Australia’s popularity with Indians is on the increase.

• There are thousands of Indian families in Australia and this number is fast growing.
• More Indians than ever before regard Australia as a favourite holiday destination.
• Australian universities are becoming increasingly popular among Indian students who wish to pursue their higher education.
• Thanks to the Information Technology Industry, there are thousands of IT professionals travelling between India and Australia every year.

There is also a growing need to popularise Indian Arts at mainstream venues and to mainstream audiences. This is spurred by, amongst other things:

• The growing popularity of Bollywood in Australia,
• Positive sporting links especially in cricket (the current coach of the Indian cricket team is an Australian),
• IT outsourcing and greater economic cooperation between Australia and India have fostered and encouraged knowledge of India in general (and of Indian arts, in particular) in Australia.

Australia continues to be a popular destination for the burgeoning volume of Indian students seeking a better education in a vast, attractive, pleasant and open country where there is already a large Indian Diaspora.

There are opportunities to conduct events of excellent quality in Australia that will, on the one hand reach out to this growing number of the sub-continental audience that call Australia home, and on the other, promote and publicise the many Indian art forms to mainstream Australians.

CHARINDAA expects that its concerts and shows will strike a chord with almost every family of sub continental origin in Sydney and Melbourne (in particular) and the whole of Australia in general.

In terms of segmentation, our shows and concerts will be a draw card for people from all regions of India, but will also be of interest to people from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Apart from families and individuals from the sub-continent, our events will also appeal to audiences with their origins from Fiji, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Africa.

However, from the point of view of longevity and impact, we need to reach out and capture the interest of “mainstream” Australians. With that in mind, our events will be promoted in prominent venues in Melbourne and Sydney that are more readily accessible to the “mainstream”. We will also advertise these shows through news releases and advertisements in mainstream broadsheets and websites as well as in ethnic newspapers and channels.

CHARINDAA aims to attract top quality art events with an all-Indian appeal and Indian arts content to Australia.

CHARINDAA has a 5-year plan of events and performances that it plans to organise. Strategic partnership discussions have commenced on several fronts. CHARINDAA plans to conduct 2 (or 3) concerts / tours every year.

The content for these is likely to be:
• Bollywood Shows, particularly Music Shows.
• Jugalbandhi (crossover) Classical Concerts, particularly those that fuse the North Indian and South Indian classical styles.
• Ghazal and Light-classical Concerts.
• Theatre, especially Drama and Plays.
• Any other Indian Arts Show with an all-Indian appeal.
• Indian Arts Festivals.


Partnerships with Charities

  • Udayan, the child leprosy centre in Kolkata, India.
  • The Steve Waugh Foundation
  • The Fred Hollows Foundation, www.hollows.org
  • St Vincents, www.svhm.org.au
  • Shane Warne Foundation, http://www.tswf.com.au/home.htm
  • Beyond Blue, http://www.beyondblue.org.au/
  • East-West Foundation, www.tewfi.org
  • Alzhimers Association of Australia, www.alzhimers.org.au
  • Salt-of-the-Earth, www.salt-of-the-earth.org.uk
  • CRY, www.cry.org
  • Shankar Netralaya, www.giftofvision.org
  • GIVE Foundation, www.givefoundation.org
  • ASHA, www.ashanet.org


Not-for-Profit Organisation

The assets and income of CHARINDAA shall be applied solely in furtherance of the above mentioned objects and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the volunteer members of CHARINDAA except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation.

In the event of CHARINDAA being dissolved, for whatever reason, the monies that remain after such dissolution and on the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to another organisation with purposes and aims that are similar in nature and intent as CHARINDAA’s own.

The monies that remain on dissolution will not be carried as profit or gain of CHARINDAA’s individual members. CHARINDAA’s books will be submitted to an independent audit every year.


Organisational Values


CHARINDAA believes in the PERT principle:
• Professionalism.
• Ethical conduct.
• Respect for team members and partners.
• Team Work.


Deliver what we commit to.
• Keep those people who are involved informed of progress.
• Ensure that our sponsors and patrons receive value for money.
• Make certain that our contracts are always delivered on time.
• Make sure that our creditors are satisfied.


CHARINDAA will collaborate and cooperate with organisations or individuals with similar vision, mission, objectives and goals. Partners for association will consist of Charities and Sponsors who could be based in India, Melbourne (in particular) and Australia (in general). CHARINDAA will ask for and give support and share success with its partners.


We consult, encourage feedback and provide services that meet or exceed the needs, standards and timescale of our internal and external customers.

Stakeholder value for money

We will strive to provide “value for money” to our internal and external stakeholders. Our internal customers are our volunteers. Our external customers are the charities we work with, the artists we promote, our sponsors, patrons and our partners who collaborate with us to promote artists or tours. Through regular surveys we will ensure that we continue to progress in the areas that require improvement thus ensuring that we continue to provide a “value for money” service to all our stakeholders.


The foundation of the existence of “CHARINDAA” is honesty, reliability, trustworthiness and openness in all our dealings. We will use time, money and resources wisely.


We value people for their contributions, provide equal access to opportunities and challenge any form of unfair discrimination.


We will involve others, listen to their opinions, and show consideration and empathy for their emotional and physical wellbeing.



How can you contribute to any of the above?

By attending CHARINDAA concerts and shows.
• By contacting any member of the CHARINDAA Team (C-Team for short) and asking how you can help.
• Through being a CHARINDAA volunteer (CHARINDAA Volunteer team).
• By donating to the charities with which CHARINDAA has a partnership.
• Through your sharing/shaping of the organisational vision and goals.
• Through your enthusiasm and support (including spreading the word).
• Through your time and organisational commitment.

What do you get in return?

Given that CHARINDAA is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation, the only reward that each member of the CHARINDAA Team or the CHARINDAA Volunteer Team can expect is satisfaction of having been a significant contributor to major charities.
• Knowing that you are part of an organisation that promotes Indian Arts in Australia.
• Satisfaction that you are a significant contributor in something new and unique.
• Perhaps even a post-project dinner after each CHARINDAA project!Top

Usage of Name, Fonts and Colours

Mention of the organisational name in any text should always be in block capitals. Usage of the full meaning of CHARINDAA should always occur as follows:
“CHARINDAA” is an organisation that stands for “Charities through Indian Arts in Australia”. In other words, the necessary parts of Charities, Indian, Arts and Australia should either be in bold or underlined or both. Alternatively, CHARINDAA could be in Blue lettering, with the full version appearing in red lettering as follows, “Charities through Indian Arts in Australia”. The CHARINDAA logo should be accompanied by the text underneath it which reads, “Charities through Indian Arts in Australia” wherein the relevant parts of the words are underlined.The colours of CHARINDAA are red and blue of the Australian Flag.

The Font for the website is Trebuchet MS.