Dates for CHARINDAA’s “Sensational Sonu Nigaam Tour of Australia, 2008

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The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre Appeal: The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre will be a cancer care centre like no other in Australia. In this new century, innovations in cancer management require close integration of laboratory developments and research with patients, with scientists and doctors working side by side in a relationship which fosters special synergies. It is within this environment of cooperation that the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre will operate. As a unique feature, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre will offer patients a specially designed Wellness Centre. In line with Olivia Newton-John’s dedication to the promotion of patient-centred, wellness programs, this centre will focus on the needs of the whole person. It will be a special place where people can reaffirm their identity as an individual, not just a cancer patient. CHARINDAA will raise funds for this centre in recognition of the superlative work that the Appeal carries out.

The East West Overseas Aid Foundation: The East West Overseas Aid Foundation(TEWOAF) aims at easing the suffering of the poor and disadvantaged overseas through a range of initiatives in health care, child welfare and education. Its Flagship activities are The Uluru Health Care Centre, a primary health care service for more than 5,000 rural villagers around Kadapakkam in South India, and The Uluru Children’s Home near Chennai

The Fred Hollows Foundation: The Fred Hollows Foundation is a well known non-government organisation (NGO) which seeks to eradicate avoidable blindness in developing countries and to improve the health outcomes of Indigenous Australians. The Foundation uses a sustainable development approach to achieve its objectives and since 1992 has restored sight to more than one million people around the world. The Foundation is also committed to improving the literacy, nutrition and health outcomes of indigenous Australians. The vision of The Fred Hollows Foundation is “a world where no one is needlessly blind and of a land where Indigenous people enjoy the same health outcomes as all Australians”. Its work is inspired by the example and determination of the late Professor Fred Hollows (1929-1993).

UDAYAN: Udayan is a leprosy centre – based near Kolkata, India – that houses over 300 underprivileged children. Noted Australian cricketer, All-Australian legend and former captain of the Australian cricket team, Steve Waugh, is one of the principal patrons of Udayan. You can access an article on UDAYAN here.

UDAYAN was the beneficiary of CHARINDAA’s debut promotion; the “Qantas-SigaramTV A. R. Rahman 3rd Dimension Tour of Australia, 2005”. At the conclusion of the Tour, in an email, Father James Stevens, the Founder-Director of UDAYAN indicated his pleasure at the efforts of CHARINDAA.

Read more about our interactions with Udayan here.