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25 Oct 2005

Stave Waugh made a small mention of CHARINDAA in an interview with Margret Thorsby on ABC (look for the interview on Thursday 25 October) while talking about his new book (Out of My Comfort Zone). It is quite a long interview and you have to work your way to the 48 min mark to hear the mention of CHARINDAA. But it is there for sure! Steve Waugh also made mention of CHARINDAA on Jon Faine's program on 774 ABC Melbourne on the same day. The link to the Margret Thorby interview is:

25 Sep 2005

Mail from Udayan

12 Sep 2005

The A. R. Rahman concert in Melbourne was reviewed in The Age by Jessica Nicholas.

12 Sep 2005

The Sydney Morning Herald carried a preview of the A. R. Rahman concert in Sydney ("Indian Music Enters a New Dimension").

01 Sep 2005

Shankar Mahadevan performs in Melbourne only. Due to unavoidable circumstances, Shankar Mahadevan cannot perform in Sydney. He will perform in Melbourne and return to India. His place in the Sydney concert will be taken by Unni Menon who will fly in specifically for the Sydney concert.

03 Aug 2005

"The Qantas-SigarmTV A.R.Rahaman concert is the official fund raising event that UDAYAN recognises and is proudly supported by Steve Waugh. We at UDAYAN are extremely pleased to be associated with this mega event in Australia."

The Reverend James G. Stevens, OBE, Founder/Chairman, UDAYAN

18 Jul 2005

Comment from Baz Luhrmann

"I had come to the music of AR Rahman through the emotional and haunting score of 'Bombay' and the wit and celebration of 'Lagaan'. But the more of AR's music I encountered the more I was to be amazed at the sheer diversity of styles: from swinging brass bands to triumphant anthems; from joyous pop to West-End musicals ('Bombay Dreams'). Whatever the style, AR Rahman's music always possesses a profound sense of humanity and spirit, qualities that inspire me the most." Baz Luhrmann, noted Film Director, Sydney (Australia), 14-July-2005.

03 Jul 2005

CHARINDAA has secured its second Platinum Sponsor for the A.R. Rahman Concert Tour. SigaramTV is the premier Tamil television station, that focuses on broadcasting high-impact, memorable programmes particularly covering the news (local & worldwide), music, films, light entertainment and current affairs to the Tamil Community living in Australia and New Zealand.

Dino, the CEO of SigaramTV adds, “We are extremely glad with this association with CHARINDAA and A.R. Rahman. The A.R. Rahman brand is extremely pure, very exciting, highly intellectual and extremely innovative. These are values that SigaramTV associates itself with. In addition, CHARINDAA are promoting this tour as no Indian arts tour has been promoted before. This is going to be the biggest Bollywood show Australia has ever seen. So, we are happy to be associated with the tour as a tour-naming-rights sponsor.

The Tour will now be known as the 'Qantas-SigaramTV A. R. Rahman 3rd Dimension Tour of Australia, 2005'.

30 Jun 2005


29 May 2005

CHARINDAA is pleased to announce that Steve Waugh has agreed to lend support to the "Qantas-SigaramTV A. R. Rahman 3rd Dimension Tour of Australia, 2005". Steve Waugh, former Captain of the Australian cricket team, is the Chief Patron of Udayan, the Child Leprosy Centre in Kolkata, India. Steve Waugh will attend at least one of the concerts on the Tour.

24 May 2005

Tickets for the Qantas-SigaramTV A. R. Rahman 3D tour go on sale from 15 June 2005

29 April 2005

CHARINDAA will organise two ‘Dinner with the Stars’ Evenings (one in Melbourne and one in Sydney) as a part of its promotion of the Qantas-SigaramTV A. R. Rahman 3D Tour of Australia, 2005. Watch this website for further details on ‘Dinner with the Stars’.
-If you would like more information on the sponsorship of one (or both) Dinner Event/s
-If you would like to attend one (or both) Dinner Evening/s

25 April 2005

CHARINDAA unveils its inaugural event - the Qantas-SigaramTV A. R. Rahman 3D Tour of Australia 2005. This Tour is planned in aid of “Udayan”, the child leprosy centre in Kolkata, India. Steve Waugh is the Chief Patron of Udayan.  

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